Droguería Americana

Drogueria Americana is a company part of Grupo Americana dedicated to represent, promote, distribute and the marketing of pharmaceuticals.

A company of Grupo Americana dedicated to represent and the marketing of consumer products.

Our Specialties

Since our mission is to provide specialized solutions in the area of health. We have made alliances to represent high quality pharmaceutical companies at an affordable cost. These laboratories are characterized by having highly skilled production facilities thus ensuring the effectiveness of the treatment the patient is receiving.

Vitalis Pharmaceutical
Laboratories Filaxis

Laboratories Mintlab

Laboratories Biosano
Laboratories Probiomed
Laboratories Abbott Diabetes Care www.abbottdiabetescare.com

Laboratories Kedrion

Laboratories Libra

In Drogueria Americana we worried so that all the details of the distribution of our medicines are fulfilled within but high standards of quality and security, reason for which we guaranteed the optimal conservation of our products Biologicals and Hemoderivados, following the Following processes of the Chain of Cold.

Storage: it is counted on the appropriate equipment, modern a Cabin medicine cold one, transport at any moment in cold compartments that guarantee the temperature between 2 and 8 centigrade degrees, isolated areas of reception and storage for these products, in where they are protected of the light, humidity and heat.

Equipment: Modern Cabin cold, thermometer digital properly calibrated as much inside as outside the Cabin cold one, indicating alarm of changes of temperature within the Cabin cold one.

Modern system of control of plagues is counted, in addition with a system of bio- security for the sweepings remainder; this allows to offer the optimal conditions us of hygiene in the storage of our products.

Personnel: It counts highly on personnel described in the handling as biological medicines and hemoderivados, which have received training according to the international norms, in addition, to maintain a constant qualification of the same one.

Self Inspection: internal audits of the warehouse area are made, as far as the handling of procedures standards for each one of our lines, which document after of each inspection.

Procedures: they count on procedures standards of operation to always guarantee to consumed final the stability and quality of products distributed by Drogueria Americana.

Registries: a complete file of all the registries as far as reports of security, inspection etc takes. One talks about, these stay stored by a space of 5 to 10 years.

All the previous one offers the endorsement him to our client to count on biologics medicines and hemoderivados, preserved with standards of world-wide level, to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of these Medicines./

History and Experience

Our Center of Hemodialysis was founded in the year 2003 having: one (1) General Manager, with a diplomat in Administration of Hospitals, three(3) Doctors with specialties in Nephrology, eight (8) Bachelors in Nursing, eight (8) Assistant Nurses, one (1) Doctor in Quemistry and Pharmacy, Technical Service and surveillance.

All of the professional human resources with the purpose of giving out Services of Hemodialysis, exclusively to the Patients of The Honduran Institute of Social Security of Comayagüela, M.D.C. in the period of January 1st of 2003 until September 30th of 2006 located in Hospital La Policlínica.

Hemodialysis Service:

1. Service:

The service is given outside of the Hospital and our company gives in disposal a place in the hospital, equipment for hemodialysis, treatment for water, emergency room, medical human resources, nurses room, maintenance, informative system, water, electricity, air conditioning appliances, Cable television system, surveillance, etc.

2. Comodato:

Our company gives the clients the equipment of hemodialysis, PRE and treatment of water by Inverse Osmosis, special seats for this therapy and information system, this in Exchange that the client buys exclusively the products for dialysis from us.

Water Treatment

Within the process of hemodialysis, one of the most important parts is the PRE and water treatment, our company always takes a sample of water and ships it to the producer of this equipment in order to determine de recommended configuration, and to agree with the indicated parameters in quality of water for hemodialysis. The configuration standard of the system is:

  • 1 Multimedia Filter: keeps older particles to 25 micros.
  • 1Softner Filter: to remove harness by calcium and magnesium
  • 1 Carbon Filter: contains carbon activated to remove chlorine, tastes and odors.
  • 1 Inverse Osmosis: removes salts, bacteria, endotoxins, to give filtered bacteriological water.
  • 1 Reserve Tank: contains water already treated to be distributed by a Loop, to recycle the water and proliferation of bacteria does not exist.
  • 1 Ultraviolet Lamp: eliminates microorganism that can be produced before storage.
  • Endotoxins Filters: keeps dead microorganisms.

Other accessories that the producer recommends, once the tests are made of non treated water. Before the functioning in the hemodialysis room, chemical and micro biological analysis are made in order to verify that the treatment system functions efficiently and that every 15 days it is given to the client every analysis complete of the water monitoring.

Permanent Technical Service

We have permanent Technical service, certified by the producers in USA and in San Salvador; we have a full inventory of repairs. .


We are able to give consultancy service in the building of a hemodialysis rooms like the following subjects:

  • Design and construction.
  • Design of Electrical system:
    • Electrical Installations
    • Illumination
    • Power.
    • Landing System
    • Sound and TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Design and providing equipments for Water treatment.
  • Supervision in water treatment
  • Human Resources Training
  • Others
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